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sailordraco's Journal

11 July

The original Sailor Draco.

I have been writing Sailor Moon fanfiction under this penname since the late 1990's. I'm currently a staff member on SMFanfiction.net. I first started posting SM fanfiction on A Sailor Moon Romance (which is now closed) and my original angelfire webpage in the 1990's (also now closed). My fanfiction can also be found on fanfiction.net. I currently own and manage a Mature Sailor Moon Fanfiction archive called Forbidden Sentiments. I am also the editor of a new anime/manga e-zine called Lady Otaku.

I've been a fan of Sailor Moon since it came out in the USA when I was a little girl. I have since seen every season subtitled. I have also read the manga. I think the series provides inspiration and good role models for girls and women everywhere, which is why I'm still writing SM fanfiction. Sailor Moon has touched the hearts of millions around the world, and continues to touch hearts today.

I'm married and 23 years old. I have a daughter who is one. I can't wait to share Sailor Moon with her. I have a BA in English.

In this journal I'll post my graphics, fanfiction, site news, and upcoming publications.

Feel free to friend me!

I made my layout and the profile banner on this page. Please do not take my graphics without asking. My LJ layout graphics are off limits unless I have given it to the public.

The above "Is love" banners were made by kairi45189