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20th anniversary!

Exciting news for Sailor Moon fans! Toei is releasing all seasons of BSSM on special anniversary boxsets in Japan starting in December 2009, and continuing into 2010. The seasons are being split, each boxset containing half a season. The prices range from 9400 yen to 12,000 yen per box. Each boxset has a different release date. They have created a special webpage for it: Sailor Moon Collection. You can view some images of the boxsets on the website.

There is no word of another USA release. However, FUNimation is conducting a survey in which they ask if you would be interested in a redub of the entire Sailor Moon series. The survey can be found on the FUNimation blog. While other companies have tried and failed to regain BSSM rights, the fact that they are asking suggest that they have already talked to Toei about this. BSSM is still on the survey if you want to vote for it. FUNimation redubbed seasons of Dragon Ball Z that were a big success in the fandom. A reemergence of BSSM DVDs could also lead to the release of reprinted manga, and of more merchandise goodies.
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