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Here's a great music video by crystalmoonkiss to the song "If I Had an Angel" by NightWish. She did a great job in choosing her clips and editing them together for the song. The clips and song mesh together nearly perfectly.


20th anniversary!

Exciting news for Sailor Moon fans! Toei is releasing all seasons of BSSM on special anniversary boxsets in Japan starting in December 2009, and continuing into 2010. The seasons are being split, each boxset containing half a season. The prices range from 9400 yen to 12,000 yen per box. Each boxset has a different release date. They have created a special webpage for it: Sailor Moon Collection. You can view some images of the boxsets on the website.

There is no word of another USA release. However, FUNimation is conducting a survey in which they ask if you would be interested in a redub of the entire Sailor Moon series. The survey can be found on the FUNimation blog. While other companies have tried and failed to regain BSSM rights, the fact that they are asking suggest that they have already talked to Toei about this. BSSM is still on the survey if you want to vote for it. FUNimation redubbed seasons of Dragon Ball Z that were a big success in the fandom. A reemergence of BSSM DVDs could also lead to the release of reprinted manga, and of more merchandise goodies.

Redub possibilities!

There is a legit possibility of a Sailor Moon redub. Fun

To quote Bunny on her forums at, "I've checked on this, it's legit. FUNimation is throwing around the idea of doing a redub of Sailor Moon. I don't know the details on if it'll be uncut or with subtitles, or include season 5 stars, but here is their blog post about it - it has a link to the survey if you want to vote that you're interested in such a thing."
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Stained Dreams Chapter 2

Stained Dreams (formally Conflicting Loyalties) Chapter 2, revised
by Sailor Draco

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon.

The ticking of the timer echoed annoyingly around them as Rei paced back and forth in the bathroom. Every tick pushed her further towards panicing as she contemplated the consequences.
"Calm down Rei," said Usagi. "We'll know in a few moments."
She slammed her fist on the counter in frustration then sat on the bathtub edge, putting her head in her hands. The chiming of the time made her jump. She looked at Usagi, wide eyed.

"What does it say?" asked Rei, voice hoarse.

Usagi looked at the test for a moment, then turned to watch Rei. "Pregnant," she said slowly.
Rei buried her head in her hands again as a torrent of emotions ragged inside of her. Part of her was ecstatic at the thought of having a child with Yuuichirou. Another part of her wanted to burst into tears with grief. She was loyal to her senshi duty above all else. How could she carry a child to full term when there was always a fight looming around the corner, when she was always getting roughed up in battle? How could she have both?
She didn't realize she was sobbing until Usagi placed her warm arms around her.
"It's okay Rei-chan," comforted Usagi. "We can deal with this."
"I... don't.... know how," Rei sobbed.
"We just defeated an enemy about a month ago," reminded Usagi. "There isn't any threats right now."
"There's... always... another... fight... around the corner," Rei continued to cry.
"Yeah, but sometimes these wars are a year apart," encouraged Usagi. "You'll probably haven given birth before the next enemy attacks."
"And if I haven't?" Rei asked as the tears started to lessen while her head ached.
"Then you'll just be off duty," said Usagi. "You can still read the fires, but you won't be on the battle field."
"I can't do that!" exclaimed Rei. "I wouldn't forgive myself... if something happened to you guys because I wasn't around to help!"
"As your Princess I order you to stay off the battlefields," Usagi smiled. "Rei-chan, there's nothing wrong with taking some time to yourself. We have to cling to our lives outside of being a senshi as best as we can. Those times are what give us strength when the chips are down."
"I don't know if I can do this," confessed Rei.
"You can," insisted Usagi. "We will all help you Rei-chan. Besides, Yuuichirou well make a great father!"

"Thank you Usagi-chan," Rei said as she hugged her back.


Rei found Yuuichirou in the middle of his chores. She smiled to herself, thinking of how he really stepped up to the role of priest since her grandfather died shortly after their wedding. She knew she couldn't have kept the shrine running without Yuuichirou. He and the senshi were all the family she had left. She put a hand on her belly and smiled, warming at the thought of the life growing inside of her. She had never given much thought before to the idea of starting a family of her own. She wasn't sure how she felt about it as anxiety played with her heart beat. Watching Yuuichirou steaded her, gave her faith that they could do this, made her want to do it. Taking a big breath, she walked towards him.

A smile light up his face when he saw her. She smiled big in return.
"What's going on Rei?" he asked. "I thought you had a senshi meeting?"
"It ended early," she said nervously.
"Is there something wrong?" he asked, reading the uneasiness in her voice.
She had wanted the moment to be perfect, to be sweet. She didn't want to jump into the news right away. Her mouth had other ideas. "I'm pregnant," she blurted out, blushing deeply.
He stared at her silently, mouth and eyes wide in shock. Then he picked her up and spun her in the air with a huge smile on his face.
"That's fantastic!" he exclaimed.
She couldn't help but laugh as he put her down and hugged her closely. For a moment the world stood still, consisting of only them and the child inside of her. Strength and peace flowed over her as he held her, as his love filled her. We can do this, she thought. They stood there, enjoying the moment as thoughts of the future filled their heads.
"You've talked with the other senshi about this?" he finally asked.
"Only Usagi. She's ordered me off any future battlefield until after the birth," she said uneasily as the feeling of betraying her senshi duty filled her.
"It's for the best," he said as he understood her frustration.
"I just pray no one attacks us," confessed Rei. "I don't know what I would do if any of them died and I wasn't there."
"It will work out," promised Yuuichirou, ever the optimist. "You'll see."
"I hope so," Rei replied.
Yuuichirou kissed her passionately. Rei gasped in surprise then returned the kiss, smiling afterwards.The joy and optimisim he felt filled her heart to the brim.
"I hope it's a girl," he said smiling a smile that reached his eyes. "With your raven locks."
She starred at him in surprise. She really hadn't thought about anything but carrying to full term. She started to panic as she thought of everything involved with having a baby.
"We have to pick out names! And get a nursery ready! Am I going to breast-fed or will senshi battles interfere with that? What if the kid doesn't like me?"
"Calm down Rei!" Yuuichirou laughed. "We have nine months to figure everything out."
She looked at him skeptically. That didn't seem like enough time to her.
"Don't worry Rei, everything well work out," he smiled.
She couldn't help but return that smile as she embraced him again, silently praying that everything would work, that she could carry the baby full term. She knew one battle could end everything. That very thought haunted her every dream from that day on.
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Revision: Conflicting Loyalties

I'm in the process of revising Conflicting Loyalties. I'm try to work out a firm timeline of when the story takes place in connection with the timeline of the manga.  Digging around, I found a similar one part story I had started based on the same idea. I originally published it under the penname Anomally on I like that story much better then my first chapter of Conflicting Loyalties. So I've put my first one shot attempt in place of the 1st chapter. I've also renamed the series "Stained Dreams."

Here's the revised 1st chapter:

She laid out her kimono carefully, smoothing the fabric. Her eyes drifted to the vase of Casablanca Lilies on her desk. Her heart began to beat rapidly in her ears as her mind fought her emotion. She tried to force the emotions away, tried to ignore them. They danced to the surface, refusing to leave her alone, haunting her with their intense fire. Opposite emotions battled inside her.

She had dreams, so many dreams. She had wanted to become a Shinto priestess, was connected to her religion and sought to deepen that connection. It was her gift, her passion. She never wanted anything more. She always thought that was her path. Then she had become a sailor senshi... the battles played through her mind, the dangers they had faced together, the number of times she had died and the number of times she had come close to death’s doorway. How many more times would she face the destruction of her body? How many times would she risk it all? She loved her friends dearly, and would defend them until the end. However, there was something in her that wanted more... more then even her childhood self had dreamed.

She never thought of herself as one of those silly girls focusing all their time and energy on boys, on finding the right husband and being a good wife. That life never was for her. Yet she couldn’t help feeling a wanting... a wanting for something more in her life. She never expected to experience love but it had found her anyway. She never expected her heart to ache for the sight and touch of one person, to want to be in their presence, to want to see that brilliant smile. She had tried to ignore it, but the more she pushed the more determined he became. That light in his eyes, the genuine emotion in his voice. He wanted to love her, wanted to protect her, and she kept pushing him away. And still he stayed.

How much longer? How much longer would he stay despite her cold demeanor, despite her denials of feelings for him? She couldn’t hide it anymore, she did love him. She did not know how she fell in love, but she did. The question was how much longer would he wait? No, she thought.

The question is how could I? How could I possibly have a life with him? He could never protect me and my life is so dangerous... I would rather push him away then see him dead by the hand of my enemies trying to get too me.

The family life was never for her. What would this love blossom into? Could she survive any longer without it?

A tear freed itself from her soul and danced down her skin, landing on the kimono. She stepped back, staring at the darkened spot on the silk, then returning her gaze to the flowers. She hugged herself, holding herself tightly. She couldn’t have him... Loving him could lead to his death. Would he even be able to deal with the truth of who she truly was?

She never expected to find love, never wanted love. Now that it had found her, it was tearing her soul apart. How could she? How could she expose him to the danger of her life? At least Usagi’s love had some means of defending himself, was part of their strange past.

Her own love had nothing but his human soul.

She threw the vase against the wall as her emotions turned upon themselves in her soul, threatening to tear her sanity to shreds. She backed into the wall, and slide down, sitting and rocking gently as she cried. She loved him... She couldn’t deny her soul but she feared what would happen if she admitted her love.
“Yuuichirou,” she whispered as she wept.

“Rei,” answered a voice from the doorway, chocked with emotion. She froze as that familiar voice tore at her heart. She looked at him, really looked at him, and began to weep harder. What right did she have to drag him into her hazardous life?

“Rei,” he breathed with worry as he quickly came to her side.

“Go away,” she whispered through nearly clenched teeth as the tears consumed her.

“No,” he breathed, taking her into his arms. She cried softly on his shoulder as he rocked her back and forth, comforting her. He kissed her raven locks. When her crying stilled he turned her alabaster face to his and looked deep into her eyes, as if searching her soul.

“Why can’t you say it Rei?” he asked. “What would be so horrible about admitting it? I love you Rei. Nothing will ever change that.”

“I have no right to love you,” she pleaded, trying to make him understand. She wanted to fall into those eyes, but she tried to hold strong.

“Why not?” he pleaded.

“You don’t know, Yuuichirou... There’s a part of my life I keep secret. It’s dangerous and you can’t protect me from it. I don’t want you killed because of me.”

“Killed?” he asked worriedly. He searched her face, trying to read the secrets of her soul. “Rei, there isn’t anything you could tell me that would turn me away from you. I would rather die from loving you then to never know your love at all.”

“Yuuichirou,” she whispered, embracing him tightly. She allowed him to be the anchor she desperately wanted but never allowed herself to have. In the storm of her emotions, she allowed him to be her guiding light. “You’ll change your mind when you find out. You’ll leave me after you learn the truth... when you witness what I am.”

“Rei,” he said exasperated.

“I...I love you, Yuuichirou,” she finally said.

His body stilled against hers, the only sound filling the room was their breathing echoing each other. He turned his eyes back to hers, and kissed her. Surprise filled her as those lips pressed against hers deeply, speaking volumes of his feelings for her. She returned the kiss, letting herself fall into what she feared most... The most tragic and consuming emotion known as love. She gave herself to the admission of her love, and in that time felt an euphoria she had never known before. No matter what came to pass in the days ahead, she would have this memory, cherish the feel of his lips upon hers in the admission of their love.

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